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For over 30 years Dr. David has been helping patients to lose their weight and keep it off forever. His goal is to help you lose body fat, NOT water weight or muscle. His methods had become so popular and successful that in 1996 he became the Founder and Director of Dr. David’s Weight Loss Centers, Ltd. Dr. David’s weight loss program has appeared on the front cover of Women’s World Magazine (because of its enormous success) and one of his patients was featured on the cover of Shape Magazine. Dr. David has been interviewed by, and quoted, in countless national magazines and newspapers. In addition to acting as a medical consultant to personal fitness trainers in southern California, his patients have included members of The U.S. Olympic Team (including a silver medalist).

Over the years, Dr. David has helped thousands of men and women alike, not only to lose their weight, but also to markedly reduce their body fat and keep it off. As the co-creator of the Slim Secret Weight Loss System and as Medical Director of the company that created and marketed Slim Fusion, Dr. David continues to help people shed that fat. As a fitness buff, weight trainer and sports enthusiast, himself, Dr. David is a former marathon runner and puts health and fitness as a top priority.

The Real Secrets To A Slimmer You…
What You Don’t Know

Program Contents:

  • What you take in: When to eat… What to eat… and HOW to eat it
  • The most powerful liquid to release fat
  • Working It off EFFICIENTLY
  • Targeting WHERE the fat comes off
  • “YOUTHenizing” your face


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Dr. David has just released his powerful audio program, utilizing his years of experience as a weight loss expert. This 1 1/2 hour power program divulges his many tips, tricks, secrets and shortcuts to efficiently losing your weight… and your body fat… and keeping it off forever… the right way. Also featured in the program is how to target WHERE to lose your fat, as well as how to “youth-enize” your face.

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About Dr. David

Dave E. David, M.D. has been treating patients for 35 years, from coast to coast and across the globe. His weight loss system has been featured on the cover of Women’s World and on national television.

Having treated Olympic athletes and celebrity families, while in Newport Beach, California, he is recognized from his appearances on CNN and Fox News and is seen regularly on nation television and quoted ongoingly in national magazines.

As founder of Dr. David’s Weight Loss Centers, Ltd., and as a cosmetic surgeon in the Boston area, Dr. David (two-time recipient of The Patients’ Choice Award) continually helps patients lose their body fat by teaching them his weight loss secrets, in addition to sculpting their bodies.

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Weight Loss CD

Audio Introduction to The Real Secrets To A Slimmer YouAudio Introduction to The Real Secrets To A Slimmer You

The Real Secrets
to a Slimmer You!

  • -What you take in: When to eat.. What to eat.. HOW to eat...
    -The most powerful liquid to release fat
    -Working it off EFFICIENTLY
    -Targeting WHERE the fat comes off

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Alluring Skin

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